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Okay, so I can now run my PS2 discs off the computer. Which is good, ‘cause my actual PS2 is bricked.
But Zero sounded like he’d taken drugs and there was much slowdown.
Gonna tinker with the emulator config and BIOS while I’m still away from the apartment, find some plugins that compensate for the slowdown and hopefully stream some mehtal geers when I get back on the desktop.



I have Keratoconus which is a genetic condition that causes the cornea to turn cone shaped. It makes it hard to see, because bright lights form halo effects, obscuring the vision, and making it difficult to read, and in my case, draw. The day before my birthday, I went to a specialist, who gave me three options; Cross linking eye surgery, (which is still considered experimental in the United States, and not covered by insurance) Intact lenses (also not covered by insurance) or complete cornea transplants (Which is covered by insurance, but much riskier than the other two listed). 

Although there is some hope, since the Intacts is currently going through trial runs and studies for it to be approved by most insurances, I will learn by october, if I will be an acceptible participant for the study, and receive the intacts at either a reduced price, or not pay at all.

But, worse case scenerio, I will have to pay $5000-9000 per eye.

I cannot afford that, on my walmart salary. My family is barely skating by with what we have, and we still struggle every month to make ends meet. There is absolutely no way we would be able to pay for this surgery.

And, that really scares me. 

As an artist, and a writer, I depend so much on my eyes. Keratoconus is not curable, and will only worsten, if they go untreated. I NEED this surgery, but I can’t pay for it, with the few hundred bucks I get from putting up with walmart customers.

So, I turn to you, Tumblr. This is very hard for me to do, since I was raised to believe that if someone can work for their money, they very well should, and reserve the free help to the people who truly cannot help themselves. But, if you feel like you can, and want to donate, please feel free to send that money to my Paypal, at

If you want to help in another way, please spread my Commissioning Info or feel free to commission a piece of artwork from me directly by sending me an ask here, note me at my Dev.artor Email me your information at the same Email stated for my Paypal.

Simply re-blogging this really helps as well.

Thank you for taking your time for reading this out.

I’ll share this before I close the blog because it makes me sad.


Wow!  Now this is a blast from the past, and a very exciting prospect too!  Puppet Master: The Game brings those creepy puppets from the classic cult horror film back to life with asynchronous multiplayer as 3 puppets hunt down one big human.

For those unaware of the awesomeness that is the Puppet Master, check out the Movie trailers here, then go watch the movies (only the first few though, there are 10 of them and the later ones are garbage).

Taking a leaf out of PT‘s book (btw if you have a PS4 go and play that now!), the devs have released an ‘interactive trailer’ which allows you to control Blade - the most iconic of the Puppets.  You get to explore the Masters Workshop, then round up all the other puppets so that they can do what they do best (kill humans).  

If the 3 puppets Vs 1 human asynchronous multiplayer in Puppet Master: The Game ends up being half as good as it sounds it’s going to be a corker.  Things are definitely off to a good start with the Interactive Trailer, which looks, sounds, feels and plays like an authentic extension/recreation of the films.  The Master would be proud of this creation.

Read more & download the Free ‘Interactive Trailer’

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